Vitamilk, a name synonymous with soymilk in Thailand, is an excellent source of high quality protein beneficial for the health of both young and old.

Its rich taste is preferred by consumers across the globe – from Asia to the US, Europe and Africa.

Catered for maximum convenience of consumption, Vitamilk is available in various packages and sizes.



Love Vitamilk?  
                         Love chocolate?

Hello choc-aholics! 
Indulge yourself in our latest smooth blend of Vitamilk soymilk and real cocoa! 

Simply shake the bottle to blend the cocoa with your Vitamilk and enjoy!

Umm…  Can life gets any better?










For Perfect Muscle
                      Powerful Energy!
Boost-up your energy with this latest development from Vitamilk.

Vitamilk Energy is a complete source of nutrition from non-GMO whole soybeans and health-enhancing natural grains.

It is also low in sugar and cholesterol-free.

Gulp down all the goodness in one go.